Tired Mom Thankful Mom

Tired Mom Thankful Mom

My baby is walking! I was so proud to see him moving towards me with a big smile on his face. I was overjoyed the first time he walked  back and forth to share kisses with us.  he is definitely on the go, which means that I am on the go! I am constantly climbing stairs, chasing bubbles, dancing, and making sure that all cabinets are locked. I am no longer able to enjoy a meal with out a tiny little hand reaching out to grab a piece of my sandwich. All outings revolve around nap times, and snack times. I am now wearing a backpack instead of a trendy bag. It is filled with toys that sing, books, and shakers. I can hear his favorite Sesame Street songs in my sleep.  My windows have tiny hand prints on them a few minutes after they were wiped down. I wear my hair up so that he can’t pull on my hair, and studs have replaced by dangle earrings. My snugglebug is now eating solid foods so now I have to meal prep for him as well. At the end of the day I am exhausted, but I am grateful. I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to be a mother to this amazing little human. A tiny human that kisses me with strawberry jam on his cheeks, and that hugs me while holding sticky play dough in his hands. I am so grateful for the moments that we splash around in the bathtub even though my  mascara tends not to live up to its water proof advertisement. I am thankful that at the end of the day I am exhausted because I got to spend the day with my gift from God. I am tired but forever grateful for this time.


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